Flanged thermocouples

Flanged thermocouples (13-TFL) are used to measure temperatures in gaseous or fluid media, such as air, steam, water or oil.
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In this series the flanged temperature sensors can be composed out of tube material, bar stock material or ceramics. The thermocouples are mineral insulated available or with an ceramic insulated wire element. The choice for a certain type of flange depends partly on the process and the pressure in the process. In addition to the standard blind flanges DIN 2527, we also have ANSI pressure flanges with the possibility of an raised face. This series sensors are commonly used in chemical and petrochemical industries. The protection tubes are available in various materials such as stainless steel, Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel.

Technical specifications

Distinctive characteristic of these sensors is a blank flange welded to or onto the protective sheath, most commonly pursuant to DIN EN 1092, enabling a tight connection of the sensor with the respective wall of an over- or under-pressure facility as can be found in power plants, for example. Sensors in this component assembly contain either a thermocouple with ceramic insulation or an exchangeable mineral-insulated gauge slide.

Thermoelectric voltages and tolerances of our thermocouples and mineral-insulated gauge slides are pursuant to DIN EN 60584, Class 1, for thermocouples and mineral-insulated gauge slides of Type L pursuant to DIN 43710.

Application areas of these types of Thermocouples:

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