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3. Tolerances and Limiting Deviations

Wires for thermoelectric and compensation cables are standardised in DIN 43713.  Thermoelectric voltages within the permissible temperature range correspond to the thermoelectric voltages of thermocouples pursuant to DIN EN 60584-1. Tolerances for thermoelectric and compensation cables are defined in DIN 43722.

There are two classes of accuracy:

  • The narrower class 1 is for thermoelectric cables only, meaning only those cables with the original materials.
  • Class 2 is for thermoelectric and compensation cables made from alternative materials.

GÜNTHER thermoelectric and compensation cables are consistent with the colour coding of DIN 43722, with the exception of thermoelectric cables type U and type L, which are colour coded pursuant to DIN 43714. Tolerances are consistent with accuracy class 2 pursuant to DIN 43722.

For thermocouples type U and type L, the tolerance pursuant to DIN 43719 of ± 3°C applies.

For thermocouple type B, copper wires may be used within a temperature range of up to 100°C. For this reason, DIN 43722 contains no tolerance values for these compensation cables.  If compensation cables for type B are required for temperatures above 100°C, the application of specialised compensation cables is necessary. These cables are available upon request.

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