Mineral insulated thermocouples with a metal protection tube

Thermocouples with metal protection tubes and sheathed mineral-insulated gauge slide  (10-TMM) are used for general temperature measurement in liquid, gaseous and plastic media up to 1200°C.

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These are by far the most applied thermocouples. The maximum permissible temperature is determined by the thermocouple type, the material of the protection tube and the outer sheath material of the mineral insulated thermocouple. The maximum permissible temperature is 1200 °C. By using thermocouples that are mineral insulated, these sensors are even resistant against bending of the protection tube due to the temperature. It is also possible to put a provision in the sensor which makes calibration possible while the sensor is operational.

Technical specifications

The main difference to thermocouples with metal protection tubes (00-TMT) lies in the use of a sheathed mineral-insulated gauge slide. The thermocouple wires are fully embedded in a highly pure magnesium oxide with an additional metallic sheath.


The advantages compared to thermocouples with metal protection tubes include:

  • Ease of Replacement
  • Vibration and Impact Resistance
  • Increased Holding Time
  • Possibility for Test Bores

In order to achieve extra speed in measuring temperature changes, we also offer these temperature sensors with tapered sensor tip.

The thermoelectric voltages and tolerances of our mineral insulated sensor inserts are pursuant to standard DIN EN 60584, Class 1.

Application areas of these types of Thermocouples:

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