Cable sensors

Our cable sensors are primarily used for measuring temperature in liquid and gaseous media. The sensors are available in a wide variety of construction forms and are suitable for temperatures in the range of -60ºC to 350ºC. 

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Cable sensors

The cable sensors are often applied in greenhouses and by Original Equipment Manufacturers. There are many standard type cable sensors available but we regularly develop cable sensors according to customer specifications.

The connection cable is available in PVC, Silicone, FEP, PUR, PTFE and Glass fibre. The cable can be assembled with different connectors such as screw connectors, round DIN connectors, banana plugs, Molex plugs and end splices.

As measuring elements we apply NTC´s, PTC´s or Platinum resistance sensors (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000).

Datasheet Cable sensors

Cable sensors specifically for surface temperature measurements

The surface sensors are a derived version of the cable temperature sensors and are suitable between -40 °C and 350 °C, depending on the applied sensor and connection cable.

These temperature thermometers can be produced in various designs, of different materials and they are available as clamp-on and threaded thermometers.

Datasheet Surface Temperature Sensors

Cable sensors with a bayonet connector

Sensors with a bayonet connector are recommended for measuring temperatures inside the bearings of machines, installations and die cast forms, mostly in the plastic industry, with temperatures up to 400 °C.

The form of the measuring tip is mostly half-round, planar or with a point angle of 118°. The latter aligns itself very well into a standard bore hole. The sensors are fitted with a pressure spring that, in combination with the correct installation length, respectively contact pressure at the installation point, protects the cable from deflexion. The installation length is variable, limited by the length of the pressure spring. 

Standardly we apply Pt100-sensors as measuring elements in a 2-, 3- and 4-wire connection, accuracy classe B pursuant to EN 60751. In addition to the assemblies with Pt100-sensors, we also produce these sensors with thermo-elements. 

Datasheet Cable sensors with a bayonet connector

Application areas of our Cable sensors:

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