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Temperature measurement systems

Temperature profile measurements and analysis

The high-quality temperature measuring systems we supply are produced by PhoenixTM and are used for temperature profile measurements and temperature analysis in industrial ovens. The sectors where the temperature measuring systems are often used are:

Automotive; Food; Gas; Metal; Ceramic industry;
Rock and Glass Wool; Heat Treatment

A complete temperature measurement system consists of a heat-resistant thermal barrier, a data logger, temperature sensors and software. The often-used combinations of these products that are specifically composed for sectors or a certain temperature range can be found further on this page. An overview of the possibilities of temperature profile measurements, analysis and the products can be found in the PhoenixTM brochure

We supply parts of the system as well as a complete combination.

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How it works

The temperature measuring system with connected thermocouples moves with the product through the various temperature segments in the oven, whereby the electronics of the data logger are protected by a robust, specifically selected, metal thermal barrier. The temperature sensors are placed near, on or in the product and can, for example, be provided with a magnet or clamp. The system can be easily applied during operation and gives an exact, retrospective or even real-time view of the thermal furnace process. This way you can assure your customers of excellent quality control at any time.

The heat-resistant thermal barriers are available in various sizes and types to meet specific sector and temperature requirements. The data loggers are available in versions with 6, 10 or 20 measuring points with thermocouple types K, N, R, S, T, J and B or even with a combination of thermocouple types. An ATEX certified system is available for explosive environments. There is also the possibility to send live data directly during process to your device through a wireless connection. This way you can monitor and / or adjust the temperature progression live.

The "ThermalView" software provides an extensive documented insight into the measurement data and is very user-friendly and focused on practical situations. ThermalView is available in a number of configurations to meet the requirements of various industrial applications, including a configuration to generate AMS2750 and CQI-9 reports.

combinations temperature Measuring systems

FIS04 ATEX system; Intrinsically safe temperature monitoring system

FIS04 ATEX Datasheet

Telemetrie Series 1000 temperature measurement system with wireless live monitoring

Telemetrie Serie 1000 Datasheet

HTS01 systems for processes with temperatures up to 800 °C

HTS01 Datasheet

HTS02 systems for processes with temperatures higher than 800 °C

HTS02 Datasheet

HTS03 systems for processes with temperatures higher than 1000 °C

HTS03 Datasheet

HTS05 systems for ovens in the Ceramic Industry

HTS05 Datasheet

HTS06 systems for Aluminium processes

HTS06 Datasheet

HTS07 systems for reheat processes in the Steel Industry

HTS07 Datasheet

HTS08 systems for Aluminium Brazing applications

HTS08 Datasheet

HTS12 systems for heat treatment processes with integrated oil quench

HTS12 Datasheet

FOS14 systems for Food processes up to 250°C

FOS14 Datasheet

FIS04 systems for paint and powder coating processes up to 300°C

FIS04 Datasheet

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