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Compensation and thermoelectric cables

We have a wide variety of thermocouple cable and compensating cable available from stock. We can supply cable from a quantity of fifty meters.

Illus. More than 200 compensation and thermo-electric cables in stock.

Illus. More than 200 compensation and thermo-electric cables in stock.

The temperature restriction is determined by the insulation material of the conductor and of the outer sheath. Commonly used insulation materials are: PVC, Silicone, Teflon, Glass fibre or combinations of the earlier mentioned materials. 

A detailed overview of the types of cable is available in the documentation.

Color encoding is generally according to IEC 584, but according to DIN or ANSI are also available. 

Other factors in addition to the choice for the insulation material that could play a role include:

  • the resistance to temperature;
  • mechanical strength;
  • flexibility;
  • resistance to moisture and/or aggressive media;
  • diameter of the conductor;
  • resistance to fire;
  • EMF-influences.

Our team is available to give advice and to come to the right cable for your process. We are glad to be of service.

Consultation about your temperature measurements? We'll call you back.

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